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Gift Registry

As a Billie & Roo customer, you can create your own gift registry for special events such as welcoming your new baby into the world, baby showers, birthday parties, and Christmas. As we all seek to simplify our lives, avoid the chaos of clutter, and just become more environmentally conscious about what we bring into our homes, the Billie & Roo gift registry is here to help. It allows you to receive presents you want and need, avoid double ups, and takes the pressure off friends and family seeking that perfect gift.

How it works

We’ve made creating a gift registry easy and fun. You simply click on “Create Gift Registry”, specify the event name, date, and delivery address before adding your desired products to the registry. You can then give your friends and family access to your personalised registry to allow them to purchase items from it.

Our website keeps track of what has been purchased from your list. When it gets closer to the date of your event, the registry will be closed off and all the orders will be shipped to the address specified.


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