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About Us

Wanting to bring as much love, laughter and learning into the world through healthy, sustainable choices and good old-fashioned fun, Natural Living Foster (our physical store) and Billie & Roo were born. So what started off as a small kinesiology practice with a few healthy living products and a passion to protect our beautiful planet, soon became so much more. The joy we share with customers each day, whether in person or upon the opening of a new toy through the mail, is why we’re here. We hope you can be a part of our journey… We’d love to have you aboard.

Our Journey ...

After many years of working in the legal and corporate worlds, then owning a surf shop, Shelley Brewer decided to follow her dreams and put decades of training in holistic therapies into a practice in her home town.
She began her store as a Kinesiologist selling a few food, eco-cleaning and sustainability products in the “spare space”, then expanded this to include natural body care and eco-friendly gifts. However, it was apparent that our precious little ones were still missing out in that many were not experiencing the amazing benefits of quality wooden and educational toys. The use of tech and battery driven devices and toys appeared to be taking the place of good old fashioned toys that encourage open-ended play and allow children to experience the world of learning through imagination and tactile experiences. Hence, into the store came the fun (and with it the beautiful smiling faces of the children that light up Shelley’s days) as her shelves exploded with amazing toys. with her many teacher and child-care worker friends and a love of education, the ‘fun area of the store blossomed and continues to do so today under the name of Natural Living Foster.
Billie & Roo was then brought to life to spread the love of Natural Living
Foster even further.

Why the Name?

Why the name you ask? Shelley’s amazing dad is Bernie whose real name is William, ie “Billie”. Her gorgeous mum is Rhonda who is known as Ronnie Roo, or simply “Roo”. Hence, Billie & Roo (Bernie & Roo just didn’t have the same ring to itt). Their constant love and support, instilling in Shelley the confidence to do and achieve anything, has allowed Shelley to follow her (ever-expanding) dreams, support others in achieving theirs, and make Billie & Roo a reality.

What We Believe In

It’s pretty simple really. We want to bring back quality family time. We want to look after our planet by providing you with great sustainability products and brilliant eco-friendly toys. We want to help you educate and engage your children through fun games, toys and books. We want to provide you with “no-nasties” products that we personally use on our bodies and in our houses. We want to source as many quality Australian made and owned products as possible. We want to make your shopping easy and enjoyable and to build a relationship with you. Is it good to want so many things when our main objective is to simplify our wants and needs in life? YES!!! We like the wants that we have listed and will continue to work to achieve these in every way we can! We believe in a future that’s bright for our children and their families and theirs to come.

Supporting your Local Retailers

Not wanting AT ALL to steer you away from our site or from joining the Billie & Roo family but I feel obliged to follow my heart and share the following. It is written with no judgment, just love for our little, family-run businesses throughout this wonderful country ..

We are a small main street “bricks and mortar” business in the beautiful town of Foster, Victoria. We know firsthand how important it is to support your town’s little, privately owned stores. These are the stores that provide sponsorship and donations to your local charities, sporting clubs, community events, schools and childcare organisations (to name a few). They create jobs in your community and provide workplace training for your young ones. Their income goes back into the community to support other businesses and services. This helps build a stronger local economy and a stronger community. Importantly, it is your local shopkeepers that are there with a hug or to lend an ear should you need it. Whilst we understand the ease and enjoyment (and sometimes the very therapeutic downtime) that comes from buying online, we are firm believers in shopping locally from independent retailers where possible. The benefits to you and our younger generations are numerous.

We know that sometimes it’s necessary to do as much as you can from home and impractical or too difficult to do otherwise (*6 kids, a toy store _ no way!!’*) but ask that, whenever possible, you check out your local stores before buying online. Our Main Streets are too important to lose.